What Concerns U

Do you spend a lot of time fighting fires and trying to resolve issues instead of doing work? The reason for this could be a failure to prioritize. Dealing with these “urgent” matters takes time away from planning and strategising business goals. If you have this problem, seek out a coach to help you see the bigger picture and move forward.

You haven’t had a break for ages, and your last vacation seems like a lifetime ago. And you’re understaffed and always working overtime. Business owners tend to think that there are some tasks that only they can handle. This may not be true. Have a business coach guide you in identifying tasks that can be delegated and regain your work-life balance.

Most business owners believe that they can look objectively at their problems and make neutral decisions. The truth is you may be too close to the problem. Sub-conscious biases can get in the way of decision-making. An experienced and objective ear is what you need. Engage a business coach to share your business concerns and evaluate your business ideas.

The most important thing in running a small business is a vision of what you want it to be. This is very crucial if you are a one-man show and trying to develop the business alone. Having a clear vision and consistent strategies to achieve it is necessary. Constantly modifying your strategies can derail growth. A business coach can help you to strategise growth for your business.

No matter how hard you work, your progress is stunted and this can be very frustrating. And no matter how smoothly your business runs, you feel like you could do better. Business owners tend to be highly ambitious, and it can be disappointing when growth plateaus. In order for a business to continue growing, disruption is a must. Bring in a coach who can guide you through the entire process.

If there is a history of recurring problems in your business, this is a clear sign that you need help. Perhaps despite training good staff, there is always high employee turnover? Or your clients are always poached by competitors offering lower prices? So how do you address these issues? Have a business coach bring insight to these problems and help you identify the root causes!

Perhaps the direst situation of all is witnessing your business shrink. Having to watch the business you have poured so much time and effort into die slowly can be very painful. Issues such as manpower shortages, credit problems and cash flow problems can happen simultaneously and trap you in a downward spiral. A good business coach can show you a path out of the situation.