3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We have been in your shoes and we know exactly what it takes to turn around a small business. Our Principal Coach YJ embarked on a solo venture 20+ years ago; he built a small business from scratch and developed it into a major success story. Our experiences give us valuable insight and we are offering you this knowledge.

With so many business coaches out there, what sets DISCOVERY apart? What makes us different is our focus. We specialise in helping SMEs with less than 100 staff. The reality of small businesses is very different from large companies. DISCOVERY recognises and understands the unique challenges of small businesses and we tailor our services to your needs. We are the perfect fit for a small business owner.


When we coach, we partner with our clients and take them on a thought-provoking and inspiring journey. We help clients to align their goals and uncover the solutions and strategies to overcome their challenges. As coaches, we respect our clients as experts in their business, and we believe each and every client is both innovative and resourceful.


We recognise that coaching alone may not solve all your problems and so we also offer mentoring services. As mentors, we share our knowledge on specific business issues, teach you relevant skills and contribute to your growth by sharing our contacts. We want to challenge and push you out of your comfort zone to achieve greater heights, while developing and guiding you.


We will advise you on the most suitable strategies or approaches for your business. Marketing skills, cash flow management, business decision making, manpower planning, retention and execution techniques are all crucial to the success of an SME. Being businessmen ourselves, our hands-on experience equips us with the skills to teach and advise you on an executable action plan.