About Us

To be the No. 1 business coach in Singapore enabling small company owners to achieve their organisational goals and personal happiness.

DISCOVERY’s mission is to help small company owners and start-ups successfully expand and break the $1 million ceiling, with DISCOVERY as a trusted guide.

Who We Are
YJ started off as a sole proprietor 20+ years ago. At that time, he handled everything by himself, including operations, finance, marketing and HR, among others.

Along the way, YJ faced his fair share of difficulties. However, with hard work and help from his colleagues, he recovered and took his business to greater heights. Today, his business has nearly 200 staff, with shops all over Singapore and holding its own despite the tough retail environment.

With his deep knowledge and experience of SME operations, YJ hopes to help other SME businessmen avoid the same pitfalls he encountered and enable their businesses to similarly flourish. DISCOVERY have expertise in sales and marketing, HR, finance, training and motivation, and process management. We specialise in helping B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and retail businesses (such as F&B, Services, Consumer Products, etc.) achieve growth to break the $1 million barrier.

DISCOVERY is YJ’s passion project, it is his way of giving back to society. His philosophy is simple: He wants to help others be successful and stay engaged, so as to better contribute back to society.