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About Us

DISCOVERY strives to build a happier and more conducive landscape for startups and small businesses, to help them scale greater heights.

DISCOVERY’s mission is to work with startups and smaller SMEs to inspire and guide them towards achieving significant and tangible milestones in their business.

The DISCOVERY team will help startups and smaller SMEs improve their business performance and achieve their business goals while ensuring it is done in an ethical way that aligns with their personal values.

We chose to go with the name “DISCOVERY” because it is an apt description of what we do. We, as coaches, are here to help YOU discover the solutions to your business problems. Now it goes without saying that our services include guiding you to strategise plans teaching you how to execute them. But our main goal here is to partner with you to help you uncover the solutions yourself.

As our Principal Coach YJ Cheng (a member of International Coach Federation) puts it, “I’m your coach, I can teach you how to kick the ball, but you need to be able to do it yourself.”

DISCOVERY is a team of professional business coaches led by our YJ Cheng (a member of International Coach Federation), who is a successful business owner himself. We specialize in helping key personnel smaller SMEs (<100 staff ) to maximize their fullest potential. If you are a thinking about taking the plunge, or even if you have been around for years, DISCOVERY can empower yourself with proven strategies / techniques that yield quick results in terms of better cash flow, improved operations and motivated staff.

Humble Beginnings

YJ knows all the ins and the outs of running an SME. In fact, he started off as the sole proprietor 20+ years ago, handling everything from HR, Finance and Logistics to Marketing, Sales and Operations, all by himself. He has even managed to survive several crises such as the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, 2003 SARS epidemic and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

That is not to say that YJ hasn’t faced his fair share of difficulties. But with hard work and help from dedicated colleagues, he has managed to recover and take his business to even greater heights. Today, his business stands strong at nearly 200 staff, with shops all over the island, and is holding its own against competition from online retailers.

YJ hopes to share his invaluable experiences with other SME businessmen so that he can help them avoid the very same pitfalls and help their businesses to flourish just like his own.

A Passion Project with a Purpose

DISCOVERY is basically YJ’s passion project – his way of giving back to society. As an SME owner, YJ has been very lucky to enjoy a degree of success that has allowed him to take care of his family. Not only has it given him the opportunity to develop his potential, it has also been a great platform for him to test out his ideas. He has derived great satisfaction from helping his staff develop to their fullest potential.

YJ is still very much in the game – he continues to run a full time business and is up to date on all the latest trends. His philosophy is simple: he wants to help others to be as engaged as him so that they can better contribute to society.

At DISCOVERY, , we are all experienced professionals and we have one burning passion: to help you be the best that you can be. What’s more, we’re bilingual! Come over for a casual chat over Kopi to hear more from us about what exactly we can do for you and your business.