What To Expect From An SME Business Coach

At DISCOVERY, our main goal is to empower YOU. We aim to equip you with the skills and insight to create the business of your dreams.

Here are some of the services we offer to aid you on the path to success:

Having a clear vision is essential to the success of an SME. It is important to think about the future of your business so you have a goal. Our coaches will help you to create a clear business vision by confirming your direction and determining your goals. We will also help you to organize your thoughts and arrange your priorities to help you achieve these goals efficiently.

With a clear vision to work towards, the next step is to help you come up with a workable plan. Being businessmen ourselves, we have lots of first-hand experience creating working plans. We are ready to guide you through the process of creating a well thought-out and effective plan.

It is important to set realistic goals for yourself. Having unrealistic goals and expectations can be discouraging and often leads to disappointment. We will help you plan out a realistic timeline with achievable short-term and long-term goals. This will help you to monitor and measure your progress.

At DISCOVERY, we keep you accountable for achieving the goals and milestones you have set for yourself. It is easy to have a more relaxed attitude when you don’t have someone to check on your progress. We will help to ensure that you follow through on the implementation of your action plan.

Running your own business can be difficult. There can be a lot of uncertainty. You may not be able to tell if you’re on the right track. We will help you by providing reassurance and motivating you so that you have the confidence to continue forward. Our coaches want you to be the best that you can be. We will challenge and guide you to realize your full potential – all the way.

We will also help you:

There are many different aspects to running a business: From management, manpower, cash flow, marketing to customer retention. It is important to understand the basics of running an SME in order to realise your full potential. We will share our knowledge and experience, and deconstruct the concepts for you.

While you may have done business research upon starting your business, there may be factors that you unknowingly overlooked. Our business coaches will help you to identify these factors and give you advice to enhance your business model. Having set up various businesses ourselves, we have valuable knowledge on potential pitfalls and can share these experiences with you.

At DISCOVERY, we will sit down with you to discuss new ideas to make your business better. Share your thoughts with us freely and gain some valuable insights and advice from the experts.

Honest feedback is the best way for you to learn and grow. You may not always get it from people around you. Employees may be hesitant to give criticism, even constructive ones. Our business coaches are honest with our feedback and we aim to help you to identify important areas for improvement. We can help you to see your problems from a different perspective.

Keeping up with the latest trends in the market can be tough but our business coaches are here to help! We will help to monitor the latest developments in your field and suggest new methods that can be applied to your business.

Strategic partnerships are a great way to grow your business but entering into one requires a high level of trust. A business coach can be an objective third party to advise you on how to go into a partnership, what to look out for and how to structure it in a way that is mutually beneficial for you and your partner.

Most start-ups begin with a lean budget and minimal manpower. This affects efficiency and productivity. The lack of a track record also makes attracting new clients difficult, creating a vicious cycle. A business coach can share valuable market and business information with you and advise you on how to deal with these issues.