Terry Choo – CEO , a Leftie Company Pte Ltd

“For the past decade, I have been working in the digital field; starting my own business has been like walking in a dark tunnel, where there are a lot of uncertainties. I’m glad that I met YJ who helped me along. He shared with us his valuable knowledge and experience accumulated over the past 20 years, which helped make my entrepreneurship journey a lot smoother.

Before I met YJ, I had been unable to read business opportunities well. This was a major weakness. I was as open as a book, which was a double-edged sword. YJ has helped me to understand my business from various perspectives, such as the reason why I run my business, fundamental pitfalls to avoid, and seizing appropriate opportunities. His insights have helped me to improve and grow my business.

Other than sharing his valuable opinions and experience, YJ also genuinely connects with you. He will help create opportunities for you, and help you and your business in each and every way he can.

I will definitely recommend YJ’s coaching to my peers! His course is suitable for both growing entrepreneurs and experienced business owners.”

Timothy Lim – Business and Programs Manager, Mind what Matters Psychological Consultancy

“We are a psychological consultancy. Our core services are divided into individual therapy and counselling, and corporate psychological and wellness training. At our corporate end, we run courses and workshops for professionals and practitioners.

We have been growing organically at our corporate side with more engagements and were looking to grow further. Business was not bad and was picking up. The main difficulty we faced was choosing where to allocate our efforts and deciding on the best options. Things were busy but were, perhaps, not efficient.

YJ has a wealth of experience and wide perspectives on how we can approach our goals. He helped us cover blind spots that we wouldn’t have been aware of. As a business coach, he has helped us trim our inefficiencies and decide on what we want, and how we can get there.

With his help, our corporate engagements have increased. While this is still a work in progress, we are optimistic that we will grow.

We definitely recommend engaging DISCOVERY as your business consultant. I think we ought to be humble and realise that there is so much that we can learn from a business coach.”